Hello , i am Bianca,and i am new in Geneva.I can describe myself like somebody who is mature, sophisticated,funny , candid and believes in integrity.
Every day I work to improve myself and my skills—that’s part of becoming better at what I do.I like to socialize , and with every person I met I learn something new.
People usually like me because they can talk with me about everything, a lot of customers believe girls like us are just beautiful but not smart , and they get surprised by my education and manners . I noticed with my experience that if you are classy,discreet , not vulgar …(and smart) 🙂 people will know to reward your company!
I speak 5 different languages: English being my 2nd native language (12 years ) of English and French the 3rd (7 years) italian,Spanish and Greek ( my father is Greek ) .
Hope i fit with your page and we will colaborate during my stay here.

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