Hi guys!
I’m Hanna from Stockholm.
I’m actually studying in Brussels at la Cambre as a future fashion designer. I’m on my first year and really do enjoy it so much!
Actually all the outfits I’m wearing on my pics u can see it’s made by myself!!!
Beside my artistic side I’m very funny, sexy and incredibly open-minded girl.
I love to get excited by your little kisses and explode from pleasure. I’m single for the moment, so really want to enjoy it too very much!
Just kiss me over there softly and make me!!! I want it!!!
During day time I have school some days still before holidays, that’s why I really do ask u please to send me a message instead of phone calls. It’s much more discrete for me.
What about the rest, feel comfortable to ask me any additional questions you want.
I have absolutely no taboos and really open for playing with you ❤❤❤❤❤
I made my pics just yesterday, so be sure that that’s exactly the girl from the pics who going to open the door for you!
I’m very easy going girl, so I’m sure you will feel incredibly comfortable from the very single moment you will meet me…

Dites moi que vous m’avez vu sur Sexgeneve.

Hanna S